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Once upon a time...

...there was a girl who loved books. Her childhood was filled with trips

to the library, stories and later reading herself.  Each story would spark

her imagination and lead to all kinds of amazing adventures.  Her

favourite book was 'A Necklace of raindrops' and the girl would dance

around and pretend that she was the girl in the story.

As the girl grew older she continued to read whenever she could, there was nothing she loved more than getting lost in a story and wherever she went and whatever she did a book would always be close at hand.  

The girl was a dreamer and as well as working as a nanny she also wanted to act. Job by job it became children's theatre that she gravitated towards but, of course, that didn't pay for all her books...so she worked hard and became a maternity nanny and qualified sleep consultant.

But the world was changing, technology was taking the place of books and the girl wanted to make sure that young children continued to feel as excited about them as she had done.  The girl put her thinking cap on and came upon an idea of creating a class where props and characters brought stories to life.  But that wasn't enough, she wanted to explore the books even further...so she added art & craft and thus Story Sock was born!  

Story Sock started in 2010 and ran successfully in London until the girl fell in love with a boy and disappeared around the world (with her books).  In 2015 she returned and relaunched in West Kent and East Sussex.  

The girl is now married to the boy and they live with their little dog in Sussex.  The girl runs Story Sock classes as well as parties, workshops and extra events and is now a mummy to a little girl who she hopes will love books as much as she always has..

Katy Brown

Founder, Owner and Childcare Specialist


'I think it is so important to encourage children to be enthusiastic about books from an early age'

“My youngest did Story Sock for 1.5 years before starting school and loved it. It is such a different group compared to the usual music or activity groups. It is very hands on for the children and great to get them interested in books. We also went to some Story Sock parties that were great fun. Highly recommend it. Katy is lovely and the children all respond very well to her.”

                                           Antonia Rubin, London

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